Vanished Wood is a Canton withing the Barony of Ayreton, located in the Midlands Region of the Middle Kingdom. The Middle Kingdom is one of many Kingdoms within the Society for Creative Anachronism, commonly known as the SCA. In modern terms, the Canton of Vanished Wood is located in the northwest Chicago suburbs. The SCA is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to re-creating the more pleasant aspects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. For more information, visit the SCA Newcomer’s Portal for a brief overview.

Meet Our Officers

Who to contact? Here are the groups’ organizers and their responsibilities.

seneschal badge
Mistress Acelina of Derelei
Officer serves as the "president" of the group. They act as group administrator and legal representative of the SCA.
(Dayle Harding)
exchequer badge
Lady Aline of Bamborough
Officer serves as the "treasurer" for the group.
Minister of Arts & Sciences Symbol
Katherine von Schlosserwald
Officer in charge of the group's arts and sciences activities.
(Kathryn Westburg)
rapier badge
Lord Karl Sturmer
Trained officer who oversees rapier combat activities for safety purposes.
(Brian Carlson)
herald badge
THL Gavin White of Westburgh
Officer assists members with the creation of SCA names & armory, makes announcements on the field, or acts as the Master of Ceremonies for court.
(Kevin F. Westburg)
Webminister Badge
THL Yamamura Kitsune
Officer serves at the "webmaster" and maintains this website.
(Keena Gray)